Monday, September 9, 2013

If life would calm down it would be wonderful but at this point in my life I think it is just going to keep going full speed ahead.

Summer is over and I was so silly to think that it would calm down a little bit so I could get caught up on a lot at the store but not so.  I'm glad I am busy but I just wish I could get caught up.

I've been getting in so many new beads that at this point I don't even know what is new!  I say I'm not going to order any beads until I get caught up and the next thing I know the phone is in my hand and I'm ordering beads!  I'm sure at this point someone has taken over my body because it truly could not be me ordering more beads when I don't even have all of them out from the last shipment or even the last few! Please take my phone and computer away from me for at least a week so I can get caught up!  New Beads  this is not really up to date as I have beads in a holding pattern to take pictures of and post on my website, but as Dory would say just keep on swimming, keep on swimming!  I have the girls singing this in the shop now.

CR Radding will be here the fist of October to teach some wonderful classes, I can't wait for her to get here we always have so much fun!

These are some pictures of the classes she will be teaching.  I have some fun classes coming up if you want to check them out.  Classes

Some of the new beads that came in are the aged stripe beads and I've been having fun crocheting them into a necklace, well I say crocheting but it is really just a chain stitch.  It takes longer to string the beads on than it does to chain them into a necklace.  If you want to know how to do this just stop by the shop and we will show you.
I always say I will try to blog more and then I never do so this time I will just say that I will write again when I can and carry my camera around with me so I can get pictures of the beads in piles on the table so you can get a glimpse of them all over the table.

Oh, another fun bead is the 2-Hole stud beads, I made a wrap bracelet with them and then a project came out in Bead and Button using them.  They really are beautiful beads and there is a lot you can do with them.
Now I will say goodnight and sweet dreams to everyone!
Love, Kandra

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