Saturday, October 16, 2010

Glanzer's Garden Nursery

His succulent garden that is on a piece of lava rock is just fascinating, I can't believe how the plants just grow on the rock. He has a plant bed when you walk in that is just how I want my back yard to be so watch out Larry (my son) you will be redoing the back yard as soon as I get the flat rocks that I need. He even told me where I can get the flat rocks that he used in his garden. Then I will be taking another trip to the nursery and get all of my plants from him because they are healthy, happy plants and I want to give my business to him!
On the way to the Gem show we found the most wonderful Nursery in Cayucos! If you are in the area it is a must stop place, the address is 101 13th street Cayucos 805-995-0238 We were greeted by a sweet little dog and then walked over to see an incredible koi pond brimming with beautiful, very large koi fish. As we walked around the owner who was very gracious I might add, answered questions and showed us his beautiful nursery. The plants are very healthy and the cost is half of what you would pay at a regular store for plants. The aromas coming from the different plants were wonderful, we could of stayed there all afternoon walking around or just sitting by the koi pond. It was so peaceful and relaxing at this nursery, I just can't stress enough that this is a wonderful place to visit.

Trip to Gem Show

Here are a few pictures of our trip to Cayucos and the Gem Show, small but packed with wonderful crystals and beads.
The view to Morro Bay was wonderful even though it was over cast and gray.
Loved walking out on the pier and smelling the wonderful aroma of the ocean, nothing like it!

Foggy Morning!

I was walking Coco the other morning and it was really foggy when I spotted this spider web with dew on it, just had to take a picture of it to share with everyone.
Not much going on just working a lot and stringing crystals in strands of 24 to sell. I'll be doing a quilt show in April and want to get them all strung and not wait till the last minute. The quilt show is The Best of The Valley show.
I'm going to a gem show (small one) this morning so I will take my camera and get some shots to post! Wish me happy rock hunting.