Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Betty's Fabrics San Luis Obispo

Went to Betty's Fabrics today in San Luis Obispo they have the best selection of Ultra Suede I have ever seen! They have many colors and patterns to chose from. Of course the minute I walk in I want to start quilting and I don't have the time right now to even think about that, but I must say if you walk into that store you will want to start sewing even if you don't know how! Ha Ha Buttons and Buttons, they have a whole aisle with just buttons! I didn't get a shot of that but when I go back in I will try to remember to take a picture of the button aisle so you can see all of there beautiful buttons. If you are in this area it is worth a stop! The address is 1229 Carmel San Luis Obispo, CA 805-543-1990 Had to get some ultra suede for a project I want to start and of course I bought more than I needed because the colors were so nice. You can never have to much ultra suede! Well back to unpacking I just wanted to share Betty's with everyone. Love, Kandra

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still Unpacking

Yes I'm still unpacking and I must say I'm getting pretty sick of it. I'm down to 10 boxes in the dining room, living room and office. Sounds great right, well then I still need to unpack my pressed glass at the bead warehouse. Then I need to unpack my glass studio which will take at least a week to do. :(
On a lighter note, I have tried to add a free pattern to the blog which I must say almost kicked my butt! I wish with all my heart that I was good with computer stuff but this is the best I could do. If you click on the pattern picture and then click on it again it gets larger and then click print and you should be able to print it out in a size that you can read. Let me know if this works for everyone. I will now try to add a picture of the bracelet I made with this pattern, hope it works.
I used delicas and three colors of purple (light, medium and dark) then I used the good gold of course for the background. The edging is 15/0 seed beads in 462D and 465.
Hope everyone enjoys this bracelet pattern it is one of my bargello patterns and I have made a lot of them up. I love the way bargello looks and the way the colors blend together. One of the colors of purple is a matte color because I like to put matte with shiny beads because it gives your piece depth.
Again please let me know if the printing out of the pattern works and by the way I did this piece in peyote stitch. I used snaps as the closure because it is easy to get on and off.
Love, Kandra

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Ocean

I stopped unpacking for a while to go down to Shell Beach and look at the ocean. To sit and watch the ocean moving and churning is so awe-inspiring. I never tire looking at the ocean and enjoying the wonderful smell, even on a foggy day like today. Up on the Mesa where I live the sun has come out and then went away as the fog would move in and out. I started setting up the deck today with my patio furniture, had to stop and go to the store to get covers for the chairs. I didn't need them in Clovis but here the fog comes in at night and the chairs will be wet if I don't cover them. Hope you enjoy the pictures it was a wonderful 65 degrees here today!