Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kandra's May Newsletter

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New Beads and What's Going On...
A lot of new Seed Beads and Czech Glass have come in and I am behind with my website as normal, all I can say is I am sorry and some day I will get caught up.  Click on this link to go to the New Bead section on my website.
I will be adding over 60 new 6mm Fire Polish beads as soon as I get the pictures taken.  If you come by the shop I have a lot of new items in and someday I will get all of them on my website!
I have now really filled the shop up with beads, Dennis is now hanging them from the ceiling! 
Jonna was here to teach her Goldie Bronze class and it was so much fun, thank you Jonna!  She is such a wonderful teacher and incredible artist.  She has a lot of us excited about this clay.  I ordered in bronze wire for CR's class so I can use it to make my Charmed Necklace, I want to add a lot of the bronze clay pieces I made to the necklace, now I can't wait for CR's class!  To check out Jonna's website click here.
I want to thank all of you for sticking with me over the years and it has been a long time.  I think I'm getting old, I'm not sure when it happened or even how because I'm always so busy that I don't pay attention to time. Ha-Ha
Anyway a heartfelt thank you for helping my business grow over all these years!
Below are classes and a lot of new beading projects from Kerrie Slade a good friend and wonderful bead artist, I hope you enjoy looking at everything.
Love, Kandra.

New Classes...
We have a lot of new classes coming up starting with Anja Schlotman, she will be teaching two of her classes A Touch Of Fabergè - June 1, 2013 and Après Cartier - June 22, 2013.  For information on Anja here is her website to check out click here.
Here are the pictures of the classes.
A Touch of Fabergè
Après Cartier
CR Radding will be here to teach her Charmed Necklace - June 8, 2012 and Blooming Rings - June 9, 2013.  For information on CR here is her website click here.
Here are the pictures for the classes.
Charmed Necklace
Blooming Rings
Liz Smith will be here teaching her Calorie Free Donut - July 13, 2013 and Triple Your Cuff Bracelet - July 14, 2013.  For information on Liz here is her website click here.
Here are the pictures for the classes.
Calorie Free Donut

Triple Your Cuff Bracelet
Here is a link for my website for the classes click here.  I will be adding more classes to my website in a few days, one will be a class to learn how to use a Loom and another will be learning to make a basket.
Don't miss out taking these fun classes it is a wonderful thing to learn!

Projects By Kerrie Slade...
Kerrie Slade is a wonderful designer and bead artist and a good friend, every time we talk she is busy beading something new.  I thought it would be great to share some of her new projects with you, some are free from Bead & Button and some of them are in a new magazine called Digital Beading Magazine.  If you want the projects in the Digital Beading Magazine you will have to buy them but I think the price is great at $4.95 per issue or a 6 issue subscription for $24.95.  I will add pictures and links for all of you to check out the new projects.  I also carry most of the beads for her projects.

Gumdrops in my Garden click here for the link.
Spikes in Bloom click here for the link.
Galactic Gumdrop Earrings click here for link.
Bohemian Bloom Brooch/Pin click here for link.
Floribunda Bangle click here for link.
Simply Spikes click here for link.
Hope you enjoy Kerrie's work as much as I do and you will love beading her projects.  Here is a link for Kerrie's website so you can see her other patterns that she sells.

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