Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Trying to get things cleaned up and in order. It is so much easier to pull things out than to put things back and dusting lets not even go there! ha-ha All I have been doing is quilting, I have 4 quilts going right now one is for Zoe my granddaughter and one is for Jack a new beautiful little boy. The other two are for me and Jenny she gets the fall colored one. I will have plenty of time to work on my journal pages the next few months, I'm having a total knee replacement July 1 and will be sitting a lot so I will finally get caught up with my pages. The problem is I need to pull all the beads I want to use for my 4 projects and that will take at least two days. I fill a tray with beads then look at it for a while and then I add or take away. I hope everyone is doing great and I will try to post one more thing before surgery. Love, Kandra

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally adding something

I have been so busy, I finally finished my daugther-in-laws baby shower and now I feel like I can do some of my own work. I am working on four quilts and of course my bead journal pages, always behind with that project. I am also out in the studio making beads again! It feels so good to be doing glass again, I forgot how much I love making beads it had been over three years. Hope to get so pictures taken of the quilt tops and then I will post them on the blog. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Love, Kandra