Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Day of Flat Face Class

This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Carolyn. This beautiful picture is Carolyn being a brat!
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Caryn.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Gerrie.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Julie.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Maral.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Melissa.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Ofelia.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Sally. She wanted to restart her face so not much is done but you can already tell that it will be beautiful.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Sharon.
This beautiful woman and her beaded face is Terri.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flat Face Class

This was such a fun class for me I hope my students enjoyed it as much as I did. Not teaching for so long and now starting to teach again made me realize how much I enjoy teaching and seeing all the beautiful things that people make. This is Gerri holding The Girls, she tried to take her home but she wouldn't fit in her purse. :) ha-ha This beautiful young lady is Terri. In this photo are Sharon, Carolyn and Melissa.
In this photo is Caryn and Ofelia.
In this photo (counter clock wise) are Sharon, Carolyn, Melissa, Terri, Gerri, Julie and Elizabeth.
In this photo Elizabeth, Sally Caryn and Ofelia.
In this photo Gerri, Julie, Elizabeth, Sharon and Carolyn.
This is all the girls beading away and next week when we have the second class I will take pictures of every ones faces! I want to thank every one for taking my class and allowing me the honor of spending the day with you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

San Luis Obispo

There is so much to do in San Luis Obispo that it would take weeks to see it all. The History Center is a good place to start and then across the street is the Art Museum which always has wonderful exhibits.
Then what is a visit to San Luis Obispo without going by the Mission. It is so beautiful inside and out.
There is a beautiful fountain in front of the Mission that is called "Yack Ka". You really need to see it in person it is wonderful.
There are many wonderful bronze sculptures placed around downtown San Luis Obispo. I will try to take pictures of each one everytime I drive into town and put them on my blog, they are wonderful!
Then there is the creek that runs through San Luis Obispo, I love walking along it looking at the birds, fish, childern and dogs playing in it.
I love eating at Novo's because you can sit outside right on the creek and eat. It is so peaceful and they have great food!
In the winter when it rains hard our little creek turns into a raging creek, looking at it now it's hard to believe that.
There are so many quaint shops and restaurants in town and it is so peaceful just walking around looking at everything.
I think we live in a little bit of heaven!

The Beautiful Ocean Again

I drove into San Luis Obispo yesterday and had to stop in Shell Beach and take some pictures of the ocean and flowers. What a wonderful combination of two wonderful things.
It was a beautiful day with the wind blowing, and lots of little bees in the flowers.
The water was a little choppy from all the wind but it was still beautiful, I never get tired of looking at the ocean, so nice to be back by the water.

Superior Dairy in Hanford

When you go to Superior Dairy for ice cream you had better be hungry! I have never, ever seen ice cream a large as they serve there. Dennis and I split a banana split and we couldn't finish all of it and was it good all for the price of $6.39 that's with the tax added in.
As other people around us ordered and received their ice cream I was jumping up taking pictures of it. The sundae with the umbrella was huge the picture really doesn't show the size very well.
The picture with the two sundaes is really cute because the sundaes are larger than the little boys head! They really were that large.
If you are in the area it really is a must stop place!