Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Journey with Apline Flower "The Traveling Bracelet"

I have to start this by saying the universe is a strange place and it seems to always know what I need and be there to give it to me.
Only a handful of people have known what has really been going on in my life the last few months.  It has been a very hard year for me because of losing so many friends to cancer and losing my precious little girl Coco who was a Chocolate Lab and 15 years old when she died.
I had never heard of "The Traveling Bracelets" until my friend Kerrie Slade showed me the beautiful bracelet that was sent to her by someone.  She had it with her for a week and it helped her in a lot of different ways, one being her mother who was dying from cancer.  She took pictures and blogged about it, I loved reading what was going on and where she would take her wonderful guest (Deruta the bracelet) to next.
I have been so busy with my new shop and working seven days a week that I have lost touch with what is going on in the world, so it was wonderful to hear about all of the bracelets and how it started.  Sig Wynne-Evans had cancer and made a bracelet while she was recovering and thought it would be wonderful of put good energy into her bracelet and mail it to someone who was in need of good energy and light in their life, so she mailed it to someone and then that person mailed it to someone and this is how it began.  I think Sig has 14 bracelets traveling around the world now, yes the world!  They go everywhere in the world and are still finding their way to new homes for a week and then they move on to someone else in need.
Corinne Loomer is a good friend of mine and out of the blue, called me a few weeks ago and said she had one of Sig's bracelets and wanted to know if I would like to have Alpine Flower (the bracelet) for a week, I told her I would love it!
When Corinne came to my shop and handed me the bracelet I wanted to start crying, first because it was so beautiful and second because of what it meant to me.  I told Corinne she had no idea how much it meant to me because my Doctor thought I had ovarian cancer.
Alpine has been helping me with my shop and Doctor visits and all the wonderful tests that they want to do, she has been a good friend and a good listener!  My Doctor called me last night to tell me that my blood tests were elevated and she wanted me to go see an Oncologist.  So now my new journey begins and Alpine has been at my side.  When I called Sig to tell her that I may have cancer she said to keep the bracelet until the end of the month, which I said thank you to her.  I am hoping that my new Doctor will let Alpine go into surgery with me, maybe they can wrap her up in something sterile and she will be with me.  I feel like Sig and all of the women who have worn her are standing with me and around me like a protective barrier keeping me in white light, keeping the dark away from me.
Over the last few years I have become a very private person not really letting to many people into my life because I am very tired of being hurt.  I love people and trust them to much, I am trying to find a healthy balance so that I am not hurt so much.  I have always felt like I needed to prove to people that I could be a good friend and that if I did enough for them or cared enough for them that they would like me, when in fact what I have finally learned is that I am a good person and it is not me who should be proving anything but that they need to prove to me they can be a good friend to me.
Here are some pictures of Alpine Flower, I will be posting more as our journey continues.  I feel like I am going to be fine and that they have caught this early enough that it will be alright, I need to keep good thoughts in my head and around me.

This is Corinne handing me Alpine.

Alpine driving home with me.

Alpine helping me put beads out at work.

Dr. Karamitsos talking with Alpine before our examination.

Alpine waiting for our examination.

Alpine and me had our blood taken.

This is all for now but I will be writing about the new adventures of Alpine and Kandra in a few days.
Sending everyone love and light!
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