Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is such a cute picture of my granddaughter that I had to post it!
I am busy getting ready for Tucson a million things to think about and pack. I can't forget projects to work on in the evening because if I had to just sit in a hotel room at night and do nothing I would go crazy!
I think I am going to take some sun catchers to work on. I'm making the big center bead and then making smaller beads for the fringe and the top hanger, they are my lampwork beads. They are fun to make and I get to use many different sizes of seed beads and Czech beads, so I never get bored making them because they are always different. I will try to get a picture taken of one and post it before I go.
It's been raining a lot here and am I glad we really need the rain. Well off to bed I go so I can get up early and pull orders and then watch my little Zoe, I will really miss her when I am gone to Tucson.

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