Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Tip About FireLine

This is a tip about FireLine from Cecilia Gast. Don't now if you are like me, but I love FireLine, mostly #6 and #8 lb, because of the body it lends to beadwork. However, I hate, loathe and despise the gunk on my hands and around the holes of seed beads, crystals, etc. I have tried just about every printed and suggested method of getting rid of it, even some of my own. Most were just okay. I kept thinking there had to be something better. Then I thought of baby wipes. I figured if they could clean dried stuff off a baby, they'd clean anything. They WORK! Method-- Fold the wipe in half. Place doubled thread or a couple of lengths inside the fold. Hold between forefinger and thumb with one hand and pull the end with the other. Repeat a time or two. You will be amazed at the amount of gunk that comes off. Condition with wax or whatever as you normally would. Drying time isn't necessary. Two other uses (Cecilia's) for wipes-- 1. Clean the dirt from sandals with baby wipes, clean the inside of those that are made of vinyl rather than leather. They look like new. 2. As odd as this sounds, wipes clean skin oils off of banisters and wooden chair arms beautifully. You know how the stuff builds up, making the wood look dull and dirty. The wipes take it right off, leaving a nice shine. And finally, the new fused Fireline (as opposed to the braided) is super. It kinks and knots even less, if at all. Sorry, one more finally--I used the cheap wipes put out by WalMart called Parent's Choice, but feel certain any will do. So here you have it and thank you so much Cissy for your great tip of the day!

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