Friday, May 15, 2015

       Exciting News! 
After many, many years of having a bead store and then selling a bead store (5 to be exact) I am really, really selling my bead store to Mie Hartmann my manager who will do an excellent job with the store and the on-line store.  Yes I am even selling the on-line store.  (Pronounced Me-ay)
I don't want anyone to panic, Mie will honor everyone's punches so no one needs to worry.  Mie will continue with great service, I'm not even worried and I'm always stressing about something!  I know Mie will do a wonderful job. 
Mie will be calling her store "Mie's Beads" and her website will be her site will not be working until June 1, 2015 when she takes over.  Please be patient with us in case there are any bugs, because it is a computer after all and I hate them! ha-ha
Mie and I will be working together on different events that I don't want to discuss right now because they are still in the talk about stage, but I know everyone will be excited about this when it happens!
I will still have for a website because I will be selling my lamp work beads, patterns and kits, not right away because I will have to have time to make them.  But I am also going to have a section on my site selling my personal bead stash!  This will cover 25 years of me having to take one or more sometimes the whole kilo (ha-ha) of beads home as they came into the store.  Needless to say not having a store and having a small house I need to sell some on my beads! 
For anyone who knows me well you know this will be very difficult for me as I truly love beads!  The problem is if I live for a 1000 years I still won't be able to use them all up and I have 3 boys who will just throw everything away when I die, so it is better to sell them now so other people will have fun with them instead of them just sitting as they have for 25 years!  My son Larry keeps calling me a hoarder because he had to move all of the beads out of my office when he put wood floors down! ha-ha
A lot of my beads are vintage and if they weren't are now (ha-ha) so this will be exciting for all of you out there who love old beads!
I can't thank all of you enough who have supported me over the years and have become my friends even though we haven't met, please continue to support Mie as you have me because she is just as sick a me when it comes to beads, her store will stay wonderful and stocked full of beads and she will continue to give everyone wonderful service.
I will be reinventing myself now and I want to have time to be with my honey Dennis and have time to do my glass and design new bead patterns.  I'm even thinking of doing some shows to sell my things, so please stay tuned with me on my new adventure!
I love all of you and thank you, Kandra

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