Monday, November 14, 2011

Third Wednesday!

You know by now that Kandra has a new bead store in Solvang CA right?  But do you know about Solvang Third Wednesday?  On the third Wednesday of every month over 60 stores (including Kandra's Beads) in Solvang stay open until 8pm and many of them offer special discounts or sales.  There's a great atmosphere with lots of exciting activities and attractions throughout the town including wine tasting, live music and fun contests.  In October there was a pumpkin carving contest and the music was provided by trio 'KAT and the fiddle' and in the pictures below you can see the girls doing their thing right outside Kandra's store!

So of course the 16th of November will be the third Wednesday of the month and once again, Solvang will be celebrating.  This time as well as all the usual offers and events there will be a scarecrow contest, so why not pay Solvang a visit this Wednesday and don't forget to drop in to Kandra's Beads and mention 'Third Wednesday' for a 10% discount on your purchases!


  1. Kandra's shop really is an inviting bead store. It is extremely clean and full of beautiful beads, supplies and other treasures!
    This is a great thing you are doing for Kandra, Kerrie. She is so swamped with work.
    If you all haven't been to Solvang, do treat yourself and go. It has a very Danish ambiance and look.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for the kind words!