Wednesday, May 4, 2011

San Luis Obispo

There is so much to do in San Luis Obispo that it would take weeks to see it all. The History Center is a good place to start and then across the street is the Art Museum which always has wonderful exhibits.
Then what is a visit to San Luis Obispo without going by the Mission. It is so beautiful inside and out.
There is a beautiful fountain in front of the Mission that is called "Yack Ka". You really need to see it in person it is wonderful.
There are many wonderful bronze sculptures placed around downtown San Luis Obispo. I will try to take pictures of each one everytime I drive into town and put them on my blog, they are wonderful!
Then there is the creek that runs through San Luis Obispo, I love walking along it looking at the birds, fish, childern and dogs playing in it.
I love eating at Novo's because you can sit outside right on the creek and eat. It is so peaceful and they have great food!
In the winter when it rains hard our little creek turns into a raging creek, looking at it now it's hard to believe that.
There are so many quaint shops and restaurants in town and it is so peaceful just walking around looking at everything.
I think we live in a little bit of heaven!

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  1. Great post on San Luis Obispo! I'm so happy to see that you included NOVO restaurant as it is one of my favorite spots in town. Dining on the patio next to the creek is a slice of heaven--and the food is the best on the coast!