Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flat Face Class

This was such a fun class for me I hope my students enjoyed it as much as I did. Not teaching for so long and now starting to teach again made me realize how much I enjoy teaching and seeing all the beautiful things that people make. This is Gerri holding The Girls, she tried to take her home but she wouldn't fit in her purse. :) ha-ha This beautiful young lady is Terri. In this photo are Sharon, Carolyn and Melissa.
In this photo is Caryn and Ofelia.
In this photo (counter clock wise) are Sharon, Carolyn, Melissa, Terri, Gerri, Julie and Elizabeth.
In this photo Elizabeth, Sally Caryn and Ofelia.
In this photo Gerri, Julie, Elizabeth, Sharon and Carolyn.
This is all the girls beading away and next week when we have the second class I will take pictures of every ones faces! I want to thank every one for taking my class and allowing me the honor of spending the day with you!

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