Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ugly In The World

My heart is heavy with the killings in Tucson! This world is turning into something so ugly that my heart hurts, I can't believe someone could just walk up and kill innocent people. I know it happens every day but it still makes me sick to my stomach! I really do believe that I do not belong on this plant of such violence, what has happened to loving your neighbor and helping each other. How about just treating everyone else like you would like to be treated. Sorry to go on and I usually don't say much on anything, but this innocent little girl who had just had her first communion is now dead and my heart hurts for her and her family. My heart hurts for everyone who has to deal with the ugly of the world from other peoples craziness. Who cares what someone believes, do we have to make everyone believe the same way? Why can't people just be happy with themselves and happy for other people? When something wonderful happens to other people I am truly happy for them not envious and jealous. Why can't people be happy for each other? Why do we have to push our beliefs on other people and why do they have to do that to other people? Who cares what race, color or beliefs people have, people have a right to believe what they want, but not to hurt other people to make them believe what they do! No one has a right to hurt another person! Hurt yourself but leave innocent people alone! Sorry I could just keep going on but I will stop for now. Everyone out there please start treating everyone else like you would like to be treated, maybe with love and respect!

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