Monday, December 13, 2010


Sagittarius, the sign of the Centaur, the archer who is half man and half beast, is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. You need demanding physical or intellectual exercise in order to fulfill your potential. Being a Sagittarian, you should guard against restlessness, and develop a sense of purpose. This will ensure that you possess the continuity of effort required for a full expression of your potential, and thus your psychological fulfillment. You are likely to be one of the explorers and travelers of the Zodiac-both in mind and in body. You are willing to take risks, but must control a gambling spirit that can occasionally get out of hand. Sagittarian characteristics: Fire Element. Colors are rich purples and dark blues. Flowers: Dandelions, lime-flowers, carnations, and pink are all flowers traditionally associated with Sagittarius. Herbs: Lemon Balm. Trees: Sagittarian trees include the oak, birch, lime, mulberry, chestnut and ash. Spices: No spices are particularly associated with Sagittarius, but allspice is sometimes mentioned in connection with this sign. Gems: Topaz is the Sagittarian gem. To be used as a talisman, it should always come from Spain, a Sagittarian country. Metal: The Sagittarian metal is traditionally said to be tin; it is especially relevant to the sign when it is highly polished and shining. Animals: All animals related to hunting, including big and small game and horses, fall under the dominion of Sagittarius Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarians give the impression that they have not a care in the world. They are always ready to offer a friendly smile and a word of encouragement to less positive people. Sagittarians are at their best when challenged. Your positive mind will allow you to grasp the overall structure of a situation and assess the best way of solving a problem, whatever the difficulties. Jupiter, the Roman god of philosophy and languages, represents the Sagittarian ruling plant. It can make its subjects optimistic and loyal, but sometimes conceited. Travel: Hungary, Australia, and Spain are among the countries rules by Sagittarius. Spain is a big favorite for Sagittarian vacations. Reading: Sagittarians are eternal students who love to study - especially foreign languages. You will therefore enjoy reading. Hunting curios: As the hunters of the Zodiac, Sagittarians often enjoy searching for bargains and for unusual or exotic articles. Any Sagittarian home will feel very roomy, perhaps because of a clever use of mirrors. This is just as well, because furniture, books, ornaments, and china will occupy every spare corner. You will be happiest in a career that can be planned in advance. Predictability does not have other appeal, however, and you must be free to do things in your own way. It is excellent if your work involves travel. The Sagittarian body organ is the liver. You should therefore make an effort to learn what does and does not agree with you, and find out exactly what your food and drink limits are.

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