Wednesday, July 15, 2015

6 Days with Sabine Lippert

July 8, 2015 I was off and driving to Creative Castle for 6 wonderful days of classes with
Sabine Lippert and to stay with Carole Tripp the owner of Creative Castle.  Staying at Carole's house is like a 6 star hotel, it is a wonderful experience.  Being a student at her store is also wonderful as you feel like you are at a retreat and I guess you are, they wait on you, get you beads, water and food.  I can't say enough about Carole's store and her help, they are courteous, helpful and wonderful people, such a joy!

I took a few pictures that I will now post and see if I can't write a caption by the pictures.
Have fun looking at the wonderful pictures I took and if you ever have a chance to take classes at Creative Castle it is a must!

To Sabine I will miss you and can't wait to see you next year, my heart is sad I wish you lived closer so we could see more of you!  Sabine is a wonderful artist and an incredible teacher so if you are going to Bead and Button next year sign up for a class with her you will not be sorry!

I will be back down at Carole's store August 1 and 2 for a class with Maggie Meister and then I need to get to work on my website because all of those beads won't get on my site unless I put them on!

Love, Kandra

Dinner after one of the classes and what wonderful classes they were!
This is Lily in the Pond, well a start of it.
Mary wearing her Beautiful Necklace, it is just stunning!
Miss Sabine starting the class for our last day.
This is my start of Pia.
This is part of Night and Day.
Another part of Night and Day.
One more component of Night and Day.

Sabine giving me the Eye!

Gerrie and Sabine singing to us!


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