Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August is Here!

Boy does time fly!
Dennis is doing great we are just waiting until he is done with his hormone treatment.

Beads, Beads and more Beads!  I just added 93 new seed beads to my website and there are more coming in as I write this, boy do I have a sickness!  I took pictures all day and just now finished adding them to my website, what a job.

When Sabine Lippert was at Creative Castle teaching I went down and took three of her classes, oh did I have a lot of fun!  Between Carole and Sabine I was in heaven!
Here is a picture of them singing to us!  Sorry it is so fuzzy Carole was taking my phone so I couldn't get a picture.

I stayed at Carole's house and it is like a 5 star resort!  Sabine and I would eat out by the pool so I snapped a picture of Sabine crocheting in the morning, what a talented woman she is!  Thank you so much Carole for all the love that you give me!

Here are a few pictures of the projects I am working on from Sabine's classes.  If you have a chance to take any of her classes you will be sorry if you don't, she is a wonderful teacher and person!

Parts of the 50 Link Necklace

50 Links Necklace done!

Avalon Bracelet in progress!


And to all a good night!
Love, Kandra

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