Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wire Beaded Neckpiece!

Hello everyone!

Can it really be 6 weeks since I last updated Kandra's blog?  Please accept my apologies for my lack of posting, I hit a really busy spot and took a little vacation but I am firmly back in the blogging seat now!  We have lots of very exciting news to share with you in the coming weeks, but first I want to show you some pictures of the recent wirework classes held by tutor C. R. Radding who was back by popular demand to teach her 'Wire Beaded Neckpiece' and 'Basket Weave Earrings'.  The first picture shows the spacious class set-up with all the tools lined up and an amazing array of beads to choose from.

The next picture shows the students busy hammering, twisting and coiling wire and adding lots of beads, pearls and stones to create their one of a kind finished pieces.

And in the final set of pictures you can see some of the stunning results showing just how versatile this technique is - enabling you to personalize your finished piece adding as little or as much as you want to!  I am sure that C. R . Radding will be back to teach at Kandra's so be sure to keep an eye on the 'Classes and Events' page of Kandra's Beads!

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