Sunday, June 5, 2011

Copper Art Clay

As we left Arroyo Grande and headed down the highway (with GPS in the window) toward Escondido all we could talk about was our up coming class and stopping at Creative Castle to see Carole. After our two and a half hour trip to Creative Castle we had breakfast at IHop with Carole and then went into her shop where I just had to look at her classes. Now I will be taking a class there in August! Ha-Ha Back on the road we go heading toward Escondido and thinking how much I hate driving in LA traffic! When we hit Valley Center I call Jayne Furman a friend of mine and she meets us off the highway to take us up to her house. Our GPS is having a heart attack at this point telling us when it is safe to make a u-turn, then head back the other way. Jayne lives on top of a mountain with an incredible view! It is a winding road that I would always have to drive or I would get car sick. We pull up to Jayne's house and as I thought it would be, it is beautiful just like her! It was great to see Stu her handsome husband and Martini her beautiful dog. After a few hours we follow Jayne and Stu back down the hill to Jonna's house where we all go to dinner at a wonderful French restaurant, we have to walk in because Friday night in Escondido is cruising night and did we see some wonderful old cars! After dinner off we go to the hotel to get a good night sleep before our wonderful class starts with Jonna! Here are a few pictures I took while I was working away with my Copper Clay! All said, it was a wonderful weekend and a wonderful time with good friends! I will be going back down there very soon to be with some truly good friends!

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