Monday, April 18, 2011

Vista Point Artists

Went down to Thousand Oaks this weekend for my Master Class Group meeting. We don't call ourselves the Master Class any more it is Vista Point Artists (VPA). It was a fun weekend and wonderful to see everyone again, it's been at least 3 years since I went to a meeting. Now that I'm back on the coast I will get involved again.
It was wonderful seeing every one's projects and to catch up on what they have been doing for 3 years. Liz Smith wasn't able to make it because she broke her arm, we all need to send her good energy!
I took a few pictures of everyone and a few projects, so enjoy the pictures.
Margaret Fleming did the beautiful beaded picture that I tried to take home and she wouldn't let me!
The beaded vessel is being worked on by Melanie Doerman and I won't try and take it until she is done! Ha-ha
Vicki and Pam are working away at there table and Chris and Judy stood up to pose for me.
I wasn't thinking because I didn't get pictures of everyone or their projects, sorry. Next time I will be better about getting everyone.

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