Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Central California Bead Society Show 2010

As you can see Dennis is hard at work! Sandy came and helped me set up the booth and work all day with me, THANK YOU! This was a see if I like doing shows and how long it takes to set everything up show and then how long does it take to pack it all up! Answer a long time! I really did enjoy myself and it was fun to see old acquaintances and to make new ones. Lots of wonderful beads and the weather was not so hot, which is a good thing. It is so wonderful how the energy in a room full of people who love beads can be so electrifying. I love to just sit and watch people look at beads and see the looks on their faces when they spot the perfect bead or beads that is just right for them. I brought six racks of beads, crystal, findings, needles and threads. I went home with a lot less of everything. Thank you to all who bought beads from me. Now I have to think about if I want to do more shows, but I think the answer will be yes. It really was a lot of fun.

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  1. You are welcome! It really was a fun day, wasn't it? It is the one time of year we get to see most of our beady friends all in one place. There is just not enough time on that day to talk to everyone at length. It is always fun working with you though, and I look forward to next year! I love you, Sweetie, Sandy