Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beads By The Bay 2

And the journey continues in the garden in the back! As you walk out the back door you see this quaint old building in the back and if you walk closer you will see that this is Susan's class room and what a wonderful, peaceful setting. If you look to the right you will see herbs and plants of all kinds for sell and such an incredible selection of hard to find plants, like the kool aid plant she has for sell, it smells like grape kool aid. I will be buying one of those when I finish unpacking (a year from now) ha-ha. The Koi pond is my favorite in the back yard as I am partial to koi fish. You can sit by the pond and feel how peaceful it is in the back yard of Susan's shop, the energy is wonderful. I am sure as I was walking around taking pictures the little Faries in her back yard were peeking out of the plants laughing at me! I will post all of the pictures that I took of her shop on my Facebook page so everyone can enjoy them. This is a must stop place if you are anywhere near Morro Bay, I promise you will not be disappointed!


  1. It is a wonderful bead store and the owner Susan is a wonderful person! If you ever have a chance to visit it is a must stop store.