Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trunk Show with Jenny

We had a good time at the trunk show and loved visting with old friends and new ones. Jenny will be back next year with all of her beautiful beads! I want to thank Jacquie Carlson for sending me the pictures of the open house, I was so busy I never had a chance to take any pictures.


  1. How fun to find your blog and store. I'm looking for snake beads, which is how I found your site. Good luck with your Etsy store--quite an accomplishment!

    I refashion and redesign old costume jewelry into new pieces, but sometimes design out of new elements if the mood strikes...Latest concept piece will be around the myth of Medusa--that's why the snake beads!

  2. Thank you for shopping with me. Would love to see pictures of your work they soud great.